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My name is Jessica Bouton. I grew up in Andes, NY and attended Andes Central. I graduated in June 2007 from high school and two weeks later, I started at Finger Lakes School of Massage. It is rated the top school in NY for a massage therapy certification. I graduated in December 2007, which is the fast track to getting certified. After graduating, I took my NYS Boards and got my license. I have been licensed and registered since February 2008. I have owned my own practice since 2009, have also worked in the cruise line industry and in several premiere spas. I offer a wide variety of therapeutic massage techniques because of my background and training. I offer Myofascial release, Sports/Injury, Medical massage, Chronic Pain massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Nerve Mobilization.

My office is located in the Parker House, through the big red door, and come upstairs to the second floor.

Since most people don't know how a massage can affect your body- especially when you are sick, please keep this in mind:

Massage will put your body into overdrive. If you are on antibiotics, you need to be on them for AT LEAST 24 HOURS before not being contagious to others. Please please please, keep these things in mind as your appointment nears.

This is especially important in my practice. I was diagnosed in 2014 with COPD and Emphysema. The disorder I have is called Alpha One Antitrypsin. It is a very rare lung disorder, even a cough near me can put me in the hospital with bronchitis usually the next day. I am hypersensitive to perfumes, colognes, smoke, etc. Please be mindful of that, and of other clients that will also walk through my door. I know that my diagnosis may come as a shock to you all, as I am very young, but it is something that affects me every day and I do have to be overly cautious of it.  I also have a severe coconut allergy, so prior to coming to your appointment please do not put anything on your skin.

Thank you so much for your understanding!

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